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Jacquie Petrusma Resigns, Felix Ellis Enters Cupboard


Media free up – Tasmanian Electoral Fee, 25 July 2022

Recount to fill Franklin emptiness

Her Excellency the Governor has urged the Electoral Commissioner that the Honourable Jacquie Petrusma MP has resigned as a Member of the Space of Meeting for the department of Franklin.

A recount can be carried out, in response to the Electoral Act 2004, to fill this emptiness.

A public understand will seem in The Mercury newspaper on Saturday 30 July 2022 inviting all Franklin applicants who weren’t elected on the 2021 state election to appoint to contest the recount. The Electoral Commissioner may also write to these applicants.

Nominations will have to be gained via 12 midday on Monday 15 August 2022. The recount will begin in a while after this time.

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